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About PageCarton

PageCarton is a Content Management System that is good for all beautiful reasons. Good for websites, blogs, online stores and other web applications. Used and loved by designers, programmers, CEOs and adventurers.

What you get...

The best part about PageCarton is that it’s easy to use and flexible enough for just about anything. More reason PageCarton is growing so much in popularity.


The PageCarton started out as a website project in 2011. It's really a pain for programmers to have to write the same codes over and over again whenever they have new projects.

So, PageCarton was founded to help "contain" some of the most used tools needed in creating standard websites.

PageCarton was founded by Ayoola Falola, it evolved as the GUI of  what he named "Ayoola Framework" in 2012.

Built with security in mind

Website Development is not a strictly regulated profession, anyone can build a website today even if they have no idea about the standard security practice. That is why today, we have a lot of badly built website that have compromised security of the internet. The developers of PageCarton understands this, and that is why PageCarton is built from ground-up with security in mind.

PageCarton is designed to appeal to all kinds of users of all kinds of technical background, the system takes care of most of the security loopholes that is flooding the internet space today.

PageCarton has grown to become a tool that makes website building faster and easier. It has automated a lot of things that web programmers and designers usually spend several hours trying to figure out.

What is PageCarton good for

PageCarton is a fully-functional Content Management System. It is pretty much good for all kinds of web projects.

Being fully extensible, you could even do more with PageCarton through Plugins, Layout Templates (themes) and much more. In a nutshell,

PageCarton is good for the web, no matter how large, simple or complicated the web project is; if it is good for the web, PageCarton is good for it.

What is it made of

PageCarton is written in PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS. PageCarton is as-well cross-platform compatible as it is built to work on all operating systems.

It has been tested to work on Mac, Windows and Linux machines.