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Download PageCarton

Follow these instructions to download and install PageCarton to your web server

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the PageCarton offline  installer package. It is a ".zip" archive.
  2. Extract the contents of the downloaded archive into the folder you would like to install PageCarton. This should be inside your web root (e,g, "htdocs", "public_html" or "www")
  3. Point your browser to access the installer file "pc_installer.php" inside the extracted archive located in your web root. Using, for example, "http://example.com/pagecarton/pc_installer.php". Change "example.com" to your own domain name. If you are using a local server, your domain name could be ""

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Other stable versions of PageCarton

PageCarton 1.9.0 (8.71 MB) - (1 yr ago)

PageCarton 1.8.73 (5.22 MB) - (1 yr ago)

Other Methods of Installing PageCarton (Advanced)

PHP Auto-Installer Method

Download and run this PHP file to download and install PageCarton CMS automatically.

Go to Auto-Installer Download Page