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Download PageCarton

Follow these instructions to download and install PageCarton to your web server

Installation Instructions

You would need a Web Hosting server to install PageCarton properly. The kind of server you need is one that supports PHP as PageCarton is runs on PHP. If you do not have a Web Hosting Service yet, you can get a discounted hosting service from our partner Hoster.ng. Now after you are sure you have a Web Hosting service to install PageCarton, follow the steps below to install PageCarton.
  1. Download the PageCarton offline  installer package. It is a ".zip" archive.
  2. Extract the contents of the downloaded archive into the folder you would like to install PageCarton. This should be inside the web root of you web hosting service (e,g, "htdocs", "public_html" or "www")
  3. Point your browser to access the installer file "pc_installer.php" inside the extracted archive located in your web root. Using, for example, "http://example.com/pagecarton/pc_installer.php". Change "example.com" to your own domain name. If you are using a local server, your domain name could be ""

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Other stable versions of PageCarton

PageCarton 1.9.0 (8.71 MB) - (3 yrs ago)

PageCarton 1.8.73 (5.22 MB) - (3 yrs ago)

Other Methods of Installing PageCarton (Advanced)

PHP Auto-Installer Method

Download and run this PHP file to download and install PageCarton CMS automatically.

Go to Auto-Installer Download Page