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PageCarton Website Development Bootcamp

PageCarton Website Development Bootcamp is an intensive training on website development, apps development and digital marketing.

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Website Development Bootcamp is an intensive training on


  • Website Development,

  • Mobile App Development and

  • Digital Marketing



    The project used to be fully sponsored and hosted by PageCarton and partners. But in 2019, we are introducing a subsidized fee to enable us reach more people and meet our goals of delivering a remarkable learning experience.

    In the event, we bring together IT and internet enthusiasts from different parts of Nigeria together, facilitating learning in internet and web related tools.

    About the Event

    Our first bootcamp took place in May 2017 and it had in attendance 16 participants from different states of Nigeria and also different age groups and gender. In August 2017, we hosted 48 participants at the second bootcamp event. We usually turn down lots of applications because we have limited space for admission. We are continually looking for ways, partnering with reputable organizations in different cities in other to be able to serve more people. The event used to only hold in Ibadan, Nigeria but now, we are expanding the program to other major cities.

    How many participants

    Our target for the next event is to host 100 participants. So for the event, our requirement is to get space for training 100 individuals. We are seeking to provide chairs, tables and extension boxes that would sit participants and power their laptops or tablets. Fully hosted, fully funded.

    Things to note:

    1. We would have a full schedule between 10 am to 8pm daily.
    2. We will serve light meals at specific intervals throughout the training periods.
    3. Individuals won't have to pay any fees to take part in the event. 
    4. We now charge a token of 5000 naira to ensure we reach more people.


    Our admission procedure is targeted to ensure only serious individuals get to come. At the end of the training, we aim to impact the participants in ways to up there game in the areas of information technology and the digital world.

    Although, the training would feature more innovative tools more than websites, participants would be expected to have website projects they intend to execute in mind.  The training will major on solving real life problems by creating simple websites. Participants will create themes and/or plugins to extend PageCarton capabilities.


    Starting in August 2017, we are introducing a certification system that will be offered after successful completion of the project that would be approved and started at the bootcamp. This is to further gear the participants towards continuing with their learning to a point where they have at least one completed project in their name. The project would reflect their learning through the bootcamp.

    Next Event

    Date:  Friday 8th - Sat 9th Feb 2019

    Time: 10 am - 8pm Daily

    Locations: Aba, Abeokuta, Abuja, Akure, Enugu, Ibadan, Ikorudu, Ilorin, Kaduna, Lagos, Port-Harcourt

    Course Fee: ₦20, 000
    Subsidized Fee: ₦5, 000