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You are welcome to join us in the PageCarton Community. This is where the people that make and maintain PageCarton live, wine and dine. Anyone that doesn't share our vision doesn't belong here and they are free to leave at any time. Discussions in the group is limited to things pertaining or relating to PageCarton. We will engage ourselves on how to move PageCarton forward.

Who Can join?

The group is home to people of different backgrounds: developers, designers, CEOs, business owners, professionals. The things common to everyone in the PageCarton Community is firstly the passion for web technology and how to use it to solve problems. The second thing is that all members do find PageCarton interesting and are willing to support it so it can grow and become better positioned as the standard in web development. Members are welcome to learn and share knowledge about PageCarton.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What skills do volunteers have to possess?

Answer: volunteers do not need to possess any special skills. 

Everyone with passion for web and internet technology is welcome to join us. Everyone sure do have something to offer the whole world.