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Theme Design Competition

Know a little HTML? Win exciting prizes for designing PageCarton themes.

Why Design Themes for PageCarton?

Do you write HTML codes? Participate in PageCarton Theme Design Competition and win exciting prizes.
Cash Prizes and other valuables worth 50k are to be shared to top submissions monthly.


1. Cash prizes for top 5 participants monthly
2. PageCarton swags (T-shirts/Face caps) for first sets of participants
3. Instant Employment for high performing participants
4. Learn the tool that gives more value to your knowledge


1. Knowledge of HTML codes is needed for participants. Beginners are welcome.
2. Submissions must conform to PageCarton standards to be qualified.
3. The more submissions, the more your chances. Each submission would have its graded points.
4. PageCarton and the team determines who win on the first working day of every month