While we are bracing up for the new PageCarton coming out this November, we are excited to share some good things to expect in the new version. One of the things we believe will be so useful is the built-in documentation.

How would you like to have a site & app you can just hand-over to the owner with a simple link for them to just begin to do even advanced tasks without needing any kind of schooling? We believe this will be priceless. Understanding the traditional documentation could be a daunting task for beginners, this is why we figured another method to help newbies get started using their PageCarton sites easily through embedded tutorials on the task frequently used.

New users may want to 

  1. Request admin access
  2. Add/update content on the site
  3. Check out customer responses

Advanced users may want to 

  1. Manage Localization/Languages settings
  2. Build plugins

This new tutorials comes with direct links and information to aid in performing some frequent tasks in PageCarton. Are you excited?

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