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PageCarton Conference is the largest gathering of people using PageCarton to change the face of web worldwide. The topic of the conference is centered on internet technology and attendees range from leading companies to smaller tech companies. This contains a mix of CEOs and founders of tech start ups together with a range of people from across the global technology industry, as well as related industries.


Here's the biggest and most impactful indigenous tech event in Nigeria. Wouldn't you rather witness the maiden edition? Spaces for the discounted tickets are filling up so fast. Grab yours now...

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PageCarton Conference (Ibadan 2018)

Theme: A New Web for Everyone

Date: 20th to 24th November 2018

Time: 10am daily


What to expect in the 5-Day event

1. Keynote Speeches on New Indigenous Trends in Web Development, Web Security and Web Solutions by industry leading professionals and organizations

2. Question and answer seasons on Web Development and Web Security. All questions will be answered by world-class professionals 

3. Masterclass and Practical Workshops. Two days hands-on training on on Web Development and Web Security.

4. Ibadan TechnoTour: Bringing the conference to the doors of tech innovators and spaces in Ibadan. Organizations interested in hosting us during this period should contact the organizers asap.

5. Exhibition and Demo on Local Solutions to local problems and global challenges. Interested exhibitors should contact organizers for bookings. All approved PageCarton projects will exhibit for free.

6. Press Briefing: interested press and publicity organizations should contact the organizations  for special features and interviews.

7. Network with industry leading professionals, CEOs and people of like minds. Build with a team.

8. Hack PageCarton: interested hackers should contact organizers for tools.

Details on https://events.pagecarton.org/2018/11/02/pagecarton-conference-ibadan-2018.html

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