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PageCarton 1.9 "Adadevoh" (Project Update)

1 yr ago Posted By Debo144 views in News Share

Good day everyone 
I am Debo' Adeyele, I am the Publicity 'Plug' for the Adadevoh 1.9 version of the PageCarton. 

I welcome everyone formally to this project. 

I'd like to sincerely apologize for coming a little bit late to the "Party", kindly pardon me for doing so. 

Adadevoh as a project officially started June 2nd, 2019 and it is expected to be ready for launch by August 1st, 2019.

Adadevoh Team List with individual duties on the project;

1. Ayoola Falola (Project Team Lead) 
2. Mayowa Olabamiji (Project Testing)
3. Tolulope Ogundiji (User Experience)
4. Deborah Daniel (Project Documentation)
5. Issac Daramola (Project Administrative Dashboard) 
6. Olowookere Damilola (Project Installer) 
7. David Oluwasina (Project Themes) 
8. Debo' Adeyele (Public Relations) 
9. Oleg Perminov

Over the past weeks, we have had series of updates from the Adadevoh project which I will like to bring us up to speed with the recap of the activities of the team over the past weeks. 

Olabamiji Mayowa (Project Testing) during the first week on the project started out by throwing a quick question at the team. He asked that team members should suggest various features they are expecting to see while testing the Adadevoh Project. He also asked if Adadevoh should be tested both online and offline or otherwise. Features such as How to find out Errors, More information on widgets on text examples to create themes were suggested Also, a question of Why is PageCarton not being installed in the domain folder in the sub-domain folder one level lower was also asked. 

Ayoola Falola subsequently shared some resources on how to get started in creating themes and widgets. He also promised to share more contents on creating same. 

Oleg Perminov asked a vital question about why PageCarton is not being installed in the domain folder in the sub-domain folder one level lower? 

While running a test on the project, Olabamiji Mayowa discovered that the buttons doesn't look good enough. He also mentioned that "Article Description" should be added to the post creation in the next update. 

In all, PageCarton 1.9 (Adadevoh) is a work in progress, though, we are not where we are supposed to be, but we are making some progress regardless of all the challenges. 

Prompt and frequent updates shall be coming out on Project Adadevoh as we continue in the quest to make the PageCarton Project a success. 

Thank you everyone for your time. 

Best regards

Debo' Adeyele
Publicity Lead
PageCarton 1.9