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Changes in how the PageCarton Community Runs


Good day everyone and I want to personally thank you for the continued support in the PageCarton Community. This community is a very good one, it has has members a lot of great people - the most valuable resource on planet earth. 

In my earlier posts, I have explained why we needed a shakeup in the running of this community but I see that some of us have not been following our activities. Particularly in this video https://youtu.be/QUV8DbJVXNQ, I shared on my idea of the future of this community. I recommend this video for every true PageCarton Community member. 

Meanwhile, there is no going back on our plan to ensure we get a better community where all it’s members contribute towards a common goal. By July 1st 2019, we will begin to implement the premium membership plan of the community. Surely, a number of us here will leave because we do not share in the vision, that’s okay. We actually don’t want to continue to keep as members who do not share in our vision as stated in the “What is PageCarton” post some time back

The membership plans are not to send anyone away, that is why we ensured that our plans are not too pricy. 

  1. Student Membership will contribute 1200 naira yearly. This will be for strictly for Nigerian Undergraduate Students.
  2. Standard Members will contribute   6000 naira yearly. This will be the basic membership plan for individuals. 
  3. VIPs will contribute 12000 naira yearly.
  4. Corporate Partners will contribute a minimum of 60000 naira yearly.

Up to date membership plans are on https://community.pagecarton.org/

Every member will have a digital badge that could be used on their websites and other digital platforms. The first goal is to ensure that by default, all Community members have a little financial quota they are giving to the project. We also want a default sustainable financial plan for the project and membership is the first executable of such plan we have.

We want to be able run our programs effectively and also have dedicated hands to provide the community support we need. But we know that this will cause some members who are not properly aligned to take their leave. This is also OKAY. We hope to make this community worth the while of everyone. Our programs are designed to make this happen and we can’t continue to use financial constraints as excuse for not delivering our best. Personally, I don’t want to continue to see “founding” members who have not used PageCarton to build anything. Who don’t contribute to our programs, read Community message wall, share our message or even say anything on this group. 

We hope that through a default financial contributions, we will all be properly aligned and have more sense of belonging in the community. This community is a mix of three groups of people right now

1. People who have contributed one way or the other to PageCarton. They are our friends and families, their joy is to see the project succeed. 

2. People who have benefited one way or the other from PageCarton. They are our witnesses that we have been impactful. We hope they can also contribute

3. People who have not properly aligned themselves with the vision of PageCarton. We hope
to onboard them effectively into the project.

These are the sets of people we are serving here and we hope to make the this place the place to be. Whenever we are right now, I hope we can get ourselves to a point whereby we contribute to the success of PageCarton. I don’t want a project that depends on me to succeed or to remain successful. That is why I stopped campaigning for donations for our projects.

Because I discovered that people who donated are mostly my friends, families and people within my network. They were just giving me money by proxy. What happens when Ayoola is not available to campaign for funds? The community must rise up now and take their place to support this project. This is what I am going all out for with this premium membership plans. 

I am hoping that we can gather enough support. Once again, appreciate the efforts we have pushed into this so far. Sincerely, we won’t have come this far without the support we received from well meaning individuals in this community. I solicit for our continued support while we move more steps forward to success. 

Thanks and regards. 



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