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What's up with PageCarton?


Good day @PageCarton people, my ever-vibrant friends in this great community and my co-innovators. It has been a great time mixed with a lot of diverse acts and feelings. I really had to take out time out of my busy schedule to write this. I hope you will find the time and patience to read. Effective communication is needed if we must work and win together.


We have been working on the new superman-grade version of PageCarton - "Adadevoh" which was scheduled to be released on August 1st – only a few days away. I am afraid the release date would be postponed. A lot has happened that necessitated this, but the bottom line is, there is a basic quality level our innovation must reach before it is released to the public. A good number of the development team has abandoned the tasks assigned to them - I understand how busy humans can be sometimes, so I am not pained. I am also not disappointed. A team of about nine individuals have given birth to five great individuals who are delivering blazing greatness.

Adadevoh Team

Damilola Olowookere has championed a super attractive new installation interface for PageCarton. If you see the new interface, it just got to be a love-at-first-sight affair. The commitment of Damilola to this project is great not minding that he is a busy person given a number of caps he is currently wearing. I really appreciate the efforts.

Isaac Daramola has pushed a new admin panel page to our GIT repo and I would say that I was amazed at the tenacity Isaac put into these. The work required him to do a lot of learning and I am impressed at the willingness to just cross so many hurdles to deliver in such a short time. The admin panel still require a lot of work but I trust that we can work together to put some finishing touches. We will do everything necessary so we can have a great interface in the backend for our new born awesomeness.

Our Russian friend and ambassador, Oleg Perminov - aukc@mail.ru has amazed me. In fact my interaction with him has shown me a lot of things we are still missing in this geographical space. Oleg has committed to all the efforts to make PageCarton speak Russian. He has been working with me to ensure every inner parts of our innovation are translation-friendly. I would say that without his contribution, it would have been impossible to bring PageCarton to this height of internationalization. I am grateful for everything Oleg has brought to the development.

Mayowa Olabamiji has been a great guy. He was earlier tasked with the responsibility to test PageCarton and recommend changes. And truly, he has been committed to this. He has done very well. He currently has been assigned the tasks, which was earlier given to David, to create follow-come themes in the new version.

Sincerely, our project page on Asana speaks so much about the project and who has been committed to this project and I am confident that our efforts will bring forth yields, engraving our names in the skies among the stars. Also for the record, I want to appreciate the efforts by other team members who started with us but have gotten busy elsewhere.  David Oluwashina, Deborah Daniel, Debo Adeyele, Tolulope Ogundiji are great people – they wouldn’t have been invited to the project if they aren’t; I celebrate everyone who have contributed to this one way or the other and I hope we still work together on some more awesome projects in the future. In this life journey and this project, we still have a long way to go and I am hopeful about greater strides – I am confident about us taking a lead role in the great future ahead of us.


Right now, because of the insufficiency in team members, we suffer a major drawback in

  • Content & Publicity
    Our plan is to ensure Adadevoh has the best publicity available for such innovation.
  • Documentation
    We want to ensure Adadevoh has all the information that the users might need to make the best use of it available online.
  • User Experience
    We wanted a UX expert to oversee the interface designers so we can reduce the bottlenecks in the usage of Adadevoh
  • Funding
    We would be needing proper funding majorly to be able to publicize our initiative and concepts. Damilola Olowookere started a crowd-funding campaign for the project about a month ago but we were unable to kick-off anything because of the lack of good publicity initiatives. Other funding strategies are still welcome.


We are going to use the time extension to work around the issues and still get the best of the team members on ground now. We are also looking for highly motivated individuals who will join us in making history.

The goal for the new version for PageCarton is in three phases,

  • Improve the User Experience of PageCarton
  • Make PageCarton international-ready by perfecting the inner localization options and make it available in other languages
  • Document all PageCarton tutorials and information

Adadevoh must go through a process that will prove that all these have been achieved. This is why we are postponing the release date to Wednesday, 20th November 2019. This will coincide with the upcoming PageCarton Conference 2019, which is scheduled to hold in Lagos, Nigeria. I believe we can capitalize on the publicity for the conference and also include this as one of the agenda for the conference. Meanwhile, anyone interested in being a member of the organizing committee of the conference should contact me.


PageCarton Community

We have embarked on a journey to redesign how the PageCarton Community works. I have taken time to explain the new concept and why I think we should move to the next level where the community may run independently. I also look forward to a Community, that can support it’s own project and programs through subscriptions which will bring along a sense of responsibility for members.

Next Level

I don’t have the intention of booting people off the community but sincerely; I think we do have a lot of people in the group who necessarily doesn’t share in the vision. But then, the community currently is filled with great people who have been of help to this project. Over the years, we have met and engaged a number of people who have brought the PageCarton to where it is today. Now we need to move to the next level – our next level is where PageCarton Community can stand alone and not depend solely on funding by it’s founder or friends of the founder.

A lot of people have left the group currently because they don’t feel they need to pay in the group, or that they just don’t feel like they should be in the group in the first place. These are expected. We have a community of about 250 people; my goal is to have a hundred individuals who will move with us to the next level. A hundred committed members are better than a million who don’t share our vision.


The subscription options are on https://community.pagecarton.org and anyone who really is interested to join is encouraged to go and select their membership plan, which ranges from 1, 200 naira to 12, 000 naira yearly.  Also, anyone who have donated to PageCarton before may opt to have their donation converted to a credits which can be used in the yearly subscription. I don’t want to see our previous supporters leaving the group for no reason.

I employ everyone to help make this a reality. We would begin to enforce the community membership plans by mid August.


On this journey, I have made a lot of friends and families. This is mostly my gain and I am grateful for it. I want to thank everyone who has helped one way or the other on this project. Also, for taking time to read my long epistle, I appreciate.



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