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Matters arrising from PageCarton Community general meeting

Good day beautiful people and thanks to those that made it to the monthly general meeting of the PageCarton Community.


Good day beautiful people and thanks to those that made it to the monthly general meeting of the PageCarton Community.

I am a bit (no, very) disappointed by the turnout but I guess we are all busy people with crazy schedule here and there, I understand. Why I'm I disappointed? This is the third time we attempted to meet without success. We had the agenda published and guess we don't really care about the possible favorable outcome of the meeting? I believe we had ample time to schedule our affairs to attend or possibly care enough to notify others of our schedule/absense. Also, We are kick-starting a new approach to our bootcamp just 24hrs away and everyone of the managers ought to be a part of it but... I guess everything is left for Mayowa Olabamiji and myself. It really not ought to be so. Together, we could do so much more.

Meanwhile, PageCarton is serious business and we can't afford to take it with levity. History is being made and we should not play lip service to the sacrifices required to get real work done and enshrine our efforts for generations yet unborn to be inspired by. I personally expect nothing less than optimum performance from everyone on the team and if we are getting anything less, I become disappointed. I believe in everyone in the management team and that is why I am excited about working with you.

Right here, I feel left alone and seems like something is wrong and I am certain I need to put things in the right perspective and I will try my best in that.

Therefore, I will ask the General Secretary to reconvene another meeting with proper notice. Hopefully, this will be a time after the bootcamp. And we will not wait for any management member in that meeting. I know it may be difficult to communicate ones inability to discharge their duties, so I will take your absense in the meeting as a decision to leave the management team. We will enlist whatever vacant seats we have after the meeting. Meanwhile, everyone will have a chance to contribute/suggest on desired meeting date and time. No hard feelings though. I understand that peoples attention, passion and commitments can change and we should just adjust accordingly to ensure that whatever needs to be done get done.

I'm putting this out there right now because I hope to be able to refer to this on a later date.

I must say, I appreciate all the efforts we have all put on this project till date. Surely, PageCarton wouldn't be as great as it is today if we didn't receive so much support from you.

Thanks and Regards,
Ayoola Falola
Founder, PageCarton.



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