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Pagecarton outreach in FUTA.

Report for Pagecarton outreach that commence on the 27th of April 2019


Pagecarton outreach is a one day program  organized to create awareness about pagecarton, a contents management system that is used to build websites and published content on the internet.

With the help of God and the help of Mr Francis a FUTA student, we are able to carry out another successful outreach at federal University of Akure.

Program commence as at 11 : 00 am and ended at about 3 : 30 pm


On this note, we talk about the following

important of pagecarton

How can pagecarton change the face of websites designer and developers.

What benefits pagecarton has for it user and the community.

How to choose pagecarton as a career and many more.

Lastly we train the attendees how to use pagecarton to build a websites.


We target just 50 and we are able to get 55 

*Swags Distribution*
In the history of pagecarton events we are able to provide pagecarton branded ( T-SHIRTS ) for about 10 participants and also distributed pagecarton Stickers for almost 60 participants

*Money spent*
10 pices of t-shirts cost = 12000

200 pices of Stickers cost = 3000

Provision for refreshments cost 3000

Transportation cost 4000

*Donation received*


Special thanks
Mr  Tolulope Ogundiji
CEO of avalanche

Miss Deborah Daniel
CEO of Hgits

Mr David pagecarton community manager

Also thank you for your prayers and support...

On this note: I will say big thanks to everyone an looking forward to working with you in the future.

Olabamiji Mayowa 
Pagecarton program manager..
28th 04 2019



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