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Code better with PageCarton - 1.8.69 release!

1 yr ago Posted By Ayoola Falola196 views in Releases Share


Happy to announce that the new version of PageCarton - 1.8.69 released today. Mostly this release brings a number of bug fixes and other performance upgrades. Furthermore, we have also used this update to introduce some more bug fixes and performance uprades to PageCarton so that sites and apps upgraded to this version will run faster, enjoy smoother user experience and consume less server resources.

What changed?

Here is a summary of the changes in this version

Changes for Users

Changes for Developers

Also added are loads of bug fixes, performance upgrades and visual face-lift. Download the latest PageCarton by going to the download page. Do you have any update request or want to join in the development of PageCarton? Visit our Github Page and start contributing immediately.