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PageCarton - 1.8.70 release!



We are bringing you the latest version of PageCarton - 1.8.70 released today. This release has bring us closer to the future of a better web with PageCarton. 

What changed?

Here is a summary of the changes in PageCarton - 1.8.70

Changes for Users

  • Allow editors to impersonate profiles
    We now allowed some priviledged editors to use profiles by other post creators. This feature was restricted for admin users.
  • Better anti-XSS in cleanHTML method
    We have improved our library used to clean up user input to savegaurd PageCarton websites against XSS attacks. This has made it possible to now securely format "article_content" and other html content in the post list.

Changes for Developers

  • Create HTML theme from scratch
    There was an issue in the last version that made it almost impossible to create a theme from scratch, this issue is resolved in this version. The version also makes it easier to code theme from scratch. We included a bootstrap boilerplate for designers to get started fast.
  • Restrict viewers of a post type
    It can now be set that a particular post type will be viewable by some set of users or group. Post type options now include privacy options that could be used to restrict the viewers of categorized posts.
  • Save Page Widgets
    Page Widgets can now be saved automatically and such Page Widgets can also be versioned so they could be restored to the way they were in history. So instead of restoring the whole page, a particular widget could be restored.

Meanwhile, everyone is to braceup for the new PageCarton 1.9 launching Aug 1st 2019. Also added are loads of bug fixes, performance upgrades and visual face-lift. Download the latest PageCarton by going to the download page. Do you have any update request or want to join in the development of PageCarton? Visit our Github Page and start contributing immediately.

  • isaac_daramola
    5 yrs ago
    This is a good improvement. Thank you guys.



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