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Welcome PageCarton 1.8.71


In a way to ensure a smooth transition to the upcoming major version of PageCarton which is to be released in the coming weeks, we needed to make some changes to the PageCarton 1.8 core to make it easy for developers to test and also contribute changes to the new PageCarton 1.9 "Adadevoh" project.

What's new in PageCarton 1.8.71

Run pagecarton from another repository

With added another option in the "pagecarton.json" configuration file to enable you to automatically sync your PageCarton core with a git repository of your choice. This is especially useful for developers who want to use their version of PageCarton on multiple sites for testing purposes.

This update is what allows our developers to test Adadevoh on development sites before its final release date. We have also published a documentation article on how to implement this,  Auto Sync PageCarton Core from Another Git Repository



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