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How do I uninstall plugin ( CentOS 7 cPanel)

1 yr ago Posted By Veda223 views in How to Share

Apologies if this is already covered somewhere and I missed it.  Is there a guide you could point me to that outlines how to uninstall this plugin?  I attempted the instructions from cPanel's docs but didn't fully understand what I was doing & didn't want to risk messing something up on this production server.


  • Ayoola Falola
    1 yr ago
    Sorry for late response. To uninstall this plugin, you need to run

    Run uninstall.sh on the server to uninstall PageCarton cPanel Plugin. Script is usually located on /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/pagecarton/plugin/uninstall.sh. Run the following commands on the terminal to uninstall the plugin.

    `chmod 755 $UNINSTALLER`

    Don't forget to help us by leaving a feedback before you remove the plugin, it is possible for us to provide custom upgrades and bug fixes so the plugin can work to your specification.