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How to hide section

How do i hide a section from a log out user.. for example i will not want a log out user to access a form i uploaded to my webiste..

2 comments | 79 views

by Olabamiji Mayowa |

How do I uninstall plugin ( CentOS 7 cPanel)

Apologies if this is already covered somewhere and I missed it.  Is there a guide you could point me to that outlines how to uninstall this plugin?  I attempted the instructions from cPanel's docs but didn't fully understand what I was doing & didn't want to risk messing something up on this production server.  

1 comments | 223 views

by Veda |

Default page override

Goodday, I have a mutiplesite enable platform with PageCarton, but I want to create a predefined page for all the site. I also want to overide the default content of PC default pages, how do I go about it?

1 comments | 82 views

by isaac daramola |

Is there away I can backup without the PC-Admin?

My host is giving me issues. Always having errors that takes time to resolve.  Is there away I can backup without the PC-Admin

9 comments | 79 views

by isaac daramola |

How do I set user profile to become a new site?

How do I set user profile to become a new site? I want uses to create new site when they create a new profile. How do I go about?

2 comments | 86 views

by isaac daramola |

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