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Admin Cant log in Kindly reinstall PageCarton

How to hide section Under widget advanced settings, select privacy. Under the privacy options, select, “Logged in users only” or “standard users”

Could not Log in After succesfully installation No information here to help solve your issue

A continue shopping button on cart page. I think having an ajax-based cart system is best implemented as a theme-based implementation. This is absolutely possible with the current PageCarton structure. If we have a specific e-commerce plugin, this can become expandable. I want this to be open to discussion

Couldn't create first user account during installation I was able to solve the issue by downloading a fresh pagecarton and reinstalled it.

How do I uninstall plugin ( CentOS 7 cPanel) Sorry for late response. To uninstall this plugin, you need to run Run uninstall.sh on the server to uninstall PageCarton cPanel Plugin. Script is usually located on /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/pagecarton/plugin/uninstall.sh. Run the following commands on the terminal to uninstall the plugin. `UNINSTALLER="usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/pagecarton/plugin/uninstall.sh"` `chmod 755 $UNINSTALLER` `$UNINSTALLER` Don't forget to help us by leaving a feedback before you remove the plugin, it is possible for us to provide custom upgrades and bug fixes so the plugin can work to your specification.

USERNAME TO INSTALL NOT SET Sorry for late response to this. It appears you are using the auto-install plugin for cPanel. Whenever you have the error of "USERNAME TO INSTALL NOT SET", you may need to add the account over again. Meanwhile, please join the PageCarton Community to receive instant support and other benefits.

Installed PC on VPS and received multiple errors when attempting to create a site. How can this be fixed? Kindly reinstall. The cPanel plugin has been updated. Let us know if this fixes your issue.

Issue Multisite Find out more on how to set up wildcard domain by your hosting service provider. Normally, it would require you set up a CNAME record of '*' pointing to '@'.

What could be the reason for file upload error and site redirection? Check your domain list in the PageCarton Admin Panel. You may have created domains. Its almost impossible for your site to redirect to an arbitrary site you have not created yourself. Also, your question is for two separate issues that u should look into separately.

File upload error It appears that it was a technical server issue. Your webserver was unable to write to the system temp directory /tmp. A temporary fix has been applied by changing the temporay directory to PageCarton temp dir /pagecarton/temp.

Admin Cant log in

Admin can't log in to their website back end after i new site was created.. on another server

11 comments | 418 views

by Olabamiji Mayowa |

How to hide section

How do i hide a section from a log out user.. for example i will not want a log out user to access a form i uploaded to my webiste..

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by Olabamiji Mayowa |

Could not Log in After succesfully installation

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by Olabamiji Mayowa |

A continue shopping button on cart page.

In PageCarton when an item is added to cart,it  authomatically to take the user to the cart page , which I think it is a poor system behaviour.  What if a user want to buy more than one item? That was when I thought there should be a button on the cart page that can make the user continue shopping. But add a button won't solve the problem completely. Adding items to cart will have to be ajax base.

1 comments | 70 views

by isaac daramola |

Backend admin panel in Russian. The ability to translate the backend admin panelinto other languages.

Backend admin panel in Russian. The ability to translate the backend admin panelinto other languages. It is even better that the translation was automatic via Google or another translator. The ability to add and change the translation manually.

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by aukc1970 |

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