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USERNAME TO INSTALL NOT SET Sorry for late response to this. It appears you are using the auto-install plugin for cPanel. Whenever you have the error of "USERNAME TO INSTALL NOT SET", you may need to add the account over again. Meanwhile, please join the PageCarton Community to receive instant support and other benefits.

Installed PC on VPS and received multiple errors when attempting to create a site. How can this be fixed? Kindly reinstall. The cPanel plugin has been updated. Let us know if this fixes your issue.

Issue Multisite Find out more on how to set up wildcard domain by your hosting service provider. Normally, it would require you set up a CNAME record of '*' pointing to '@'.

What could be the reason for file upload error and site redirection? Check your domain list in the PageCarton Admin Panel. You may have created domains. Its almost impossible for your site to redirect to an arbitrary site you have not created yourself. Also, your question is for two separate issues that u should look into separately.

File upload error It appears that it was a technical server issue. Your webserver was unable to write to the system temp directory /tmp. A temporary fix has been applied by changing the temporay directory to PageCarton temp dir /pagecarton/temp.

Default page override Any page you edit on the default site becomes available in the child sites.

Gateway Error It worked perfectly

HTML Content Okay. HTML contents are being sanitized and stripped off by default in HTML Text variables to protect against XSS attacks. To display HTML directly, you need to use the default POST VIEW widget or you create a special widget to display it in raw HTML

Ngninx and Centos There are 1000 and 1 things that can be wrong with your installation. But you are most likely having permission issues. Check server logs to get more info into the issue.

Is there away I can backup without the PC-Admin? This is not webserver specific. This should work on any webserver including nginx

How to download PageCarton via link Ok. Thank you.

How do I uninstall plugin ( CentOS 7 cPanel)

Apologies if this is already covered somewhere and I missed it.  Is there a guide you could point me to that outlines how to uninstall this plugin?  I attempted the instructions from cPanel&...

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by Veda | How to



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by Jordan Robertson | Fixing PageCarton

Installed PC on VPS and received multiple errors when attempting to create a site. How can this be fixed?

Warning: mkdir(): Permission denied in /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/pagecarton/frontend/check_install.php on line 21 Warning: chmod(): Permission denied in /usr/local/cpanel/3...

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by Fred | Installing PageCarton

Issue Multisite

I just installed cPanel on my server, I have activated wildcard-subdomain and I have also enabled multisite on my PageCarton site, yet multiste is not working. Please what could be the reason? ...

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by isaac daramola |

What could be the reason for file upload error and site redirection?

I recently submitted file upload error and I was resolved. It was brought to my understanding that the temp directory on my server was not writeable. The issue was resolved, only for me to see the sam...

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by isaac daramola |

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