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isaac daramola

Isaac Daramola is a PHP backend developer. He is a lover PageCarton, he uses PageCarton for almost all his project. He is a lover of service oriented people. He teaches web development using PageCarton as a technology tool. He believes you have to learn about a tool before you can maximize the tool. PageCarton is the biggest tool we have now!


feature request

A continue shopping button on cart page.

In PageCarton when an item is added to cart,it  authomatically to take the user to the cart page , which I think it is a poor system behaviour.  What if a user want to buy more than one item? That was when I thought there should be a button on the cart page that can make the user continue shopping. But add a button won't solve the problem completely. Adding items to cart will have to be ajax base.

7 months ago Posted By isaac daramola1 views0 downloads0 plays Share

Couldn't create first user account during installation

While installing pc I descovered the first account creation form did not appear. Then I continued the installation. But there is not way form me to login since I couldn't create the first user account.

7 months ago Posted By isaac daramola104 views0 downloads0 plays Share

Issue Multisite

I just installed cPanel on my server, I have activated wildcard-subdomain and I have also enabled multisite on my PageCarton site, yet multiste is not working. Please what could be the reason?

10 months ago Posted By isaac daramola9 views0 downloads0 plays Share

What could be the reason for file upload error and site redirection?

I recently submitted file upload error and I was resolved. It was brought to my understanding that the temp directory on my server was not writeable. The issue was resolved, only for me to see the same error coming up again this morning. I first though it was browser issue and I cleared the cache. The issue has not been resolved.  Now the sites now even redirects to a site I didn't create. If I visit www.example.com , it will redirect to www.vjjln.example.com

10 months ago Posted By isaac daramola123 views0 downloads0 plays Share

Default page override

Goodday, I have a mutiplesite enable platform with PageCarton, but I want to create a predefined page for all the site. I also want to overide the default content of PC default pages, how do I go about it?

10 months ago Posted By isaac daramola139 views0 downloads0 plays Share
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