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Site display multiple post after post embedding

1 yr ago Posted By Olabamiji Mayowa115 views in Developing with PageCarton Share
there is blog website am working on that keep bringing error.

when i use widget 0, 1 there wont be any problem but when it come to the 3rd widget the error occur

has any one face this type of error before please i will like a quick answer to this. thank you
  • Ayoola Falola
    1 yr ago
    What kind of error occurs and what do you observe? What have you tried?
    • The error occurred

      When widget is been used 3 time

      After embedding first and second widget within a post

      Then try to use the third widget
      The post preview will show multiple article.
      • Ayoola Falola
        1 yr ago
        Check to ensure the third widget start and end keywords are stated without typos. Remember the keywords are case sensitive.

        Also ensure the widget variables include numeric prefixes like {{{article_title}}}{{{0}}}.
        • Olabamiji Mayowa
          1 yr ago
          ok i will try and cross check and get back to you
          • Ayoola Falola
            1 yr ago
            If problem persists, kindly share you code here for us to see.