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Olabamiji Mayowa

Technical Support Engineer at Kabir Technologies, Media Outreach Coordinator at PageCarton and Co-founder at Softmayor



Admin Cant log in

Admin can't log in to their website back end after i new site was created.. on another server

4 yrs ago Posted By Olabamiji Mayowa5194 views0 downloads0 plays Share

How to hide section

How do i hide a section from a log out user.. for example i will not want a log out user to access a form i uploaded to my webiste..

4 yrs ago Posted By Olabamiji Mayowa578 views0 downloads0 plays in How to Share

Could not Log in After succesfully installation

4 yrs ago Posted By Olabamiji Mayowa611 views0 downloads0 plays Share

PageCarton YouTube Chanel link

Get to know more about pagecarton content managements sytsem https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMjkDODU47J8iKKbaidQpEw   Get to know more about pagecarton by visiting Pagecaton&...

5 yrs ago Posted By Olabamiji Mayowa297 views0 downloads0 plays in Developing with PageCarton Share